About me





LESLEY HOSTE – Being creative was always a part of me.
As a little girl I was always drawing, painting and writing through my years of school.

When I started high school it may not be a big surprise that I choose Visual Art as major. I succeeded but was eager for more. I started and graduated as Bachelor and Master in Photography in Brussels.
I was also there, in the famous Tour and Taxis, where I had my first exhibition.

The world of photography, It just has always been my passion! I love the atmosphere of fashion, lifestyle and beauty sets. It gives me the opportunity to work in my favourite place: My Studio.
This is where I feel at home, this is the place where I like to make it happen: the search for detail, the control over light, the right set up and the perfect picture as a result.

When leaving my studio I love to explore the world. All these different cultures and countries give me all this new input. These experiences will always appear as details in my editorial or private art work.

As I work worldwide my clients are very various:
E5mode, 7seven LA jeans, Yves Rocher, d’Alexine, Mylène, Woody, Brand it fashion agency, Bejewels, Roadsign, Hücke, TsGraphics, Solito, Body&Bess, GAB. 

Publications - Grazia Croatia, Elléments, Elegant, The Model magazine, Faddy Italy, Modacycle, Tribu-te, Creators magazine,Steps,The Know Culture NY, Vogue Italia.

Photo credits Kaat Bonte